Agri Business

We create balanced animal feeds for cattle, sheep, made from as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. Our generations of experience and flexible manufacturing enables us to provide customised feed solutions aimed at maximising your profits.


daltons mills agri business photo
daltons mills agri business photo

We supply are range of minerals both in bags, blocks and buckets. The range covers dairy, beef and sheep. Contact any of our sales representatives for more details.

High-quality forages and/or grains can furnish a large portion of the required minerals. Farmers can select and introduce additional supplements that compliment their existing feeding plans to meet in full their animal’s needs. We stock a full range of Dairy, Beef, Sheep Minerals & Vitamins in Buckets and Blocks.

Animal Health

daltons mills agri business photo
daltons mills agri business photo

Daltons are proud stockists of an extensive range of animal health products. Our experienced staff will offer technical information and advice regarding all our health products.

Our range includes:

  • Worm Drenches & Injectables
  • Pour-on’s for Internal & External Parasite control
  • Veterinary Equipment – for all Livestock Handling, Calving, Lambing etc
  • Veterinary supplements – Mineral boluses, Vitamin & Mineral Drenches etc
  • Small animal wormers are also available.


Our dairy range includes mineral supplements for pre and post calving cows, as well as dosing and supplements for poorly thriving calves. Doses are available in both pour-on and down-the-throat options. Please check out our disinfection range for the best option on cleaners for your milking machines and cubicles.

Daltons offer an extensive range of fluke and worm doses for cattle, all of which are available in pour-on, injection and down-the-throat options. Doses vary from long to short term withdrawal symptoms, so ask for the appropriate option for your needs. Bolus supplements and minerals are also available to ensure cattle continue to thrive.


The purpose of fertiliser application to grassland is to produce an appropriate level of soil fertility to support adequate crop growth and animal performance as well as to maintain soil fertility by replacing all nutrients that are removed, be they in the form of milk, meat or crops, (grass/silage).

Daltons carry a comprehensive range of quality fertiliser, from Gouldings, YARA, Grassland Agro, Nitro Fert and Target. We stock 50 and 500kg bags as well as a range of bulk fertilisers.

Our qualified staff are trained to match the right product with the specific needs of your crops. Daltons work with suppliers who provide the best value and service to ensure our customers get the right product at the most competitive price.


  • Spreading can be arranged


Compounds (NPK)

  • 18-6-12 (+/- S)
  • 10-10-20
  • 13-6-20 (+/- S)
  • 15-3-20 (+/- S)

Hi N Compounds

  • 27-2.5-5
  • 24-2.2-4.5
  • 24-2.5-10

Straight Nitrogen products

  • CAN 27%
  • Urea 46%
  • Sulfa Can

Chemicals / Agronomy

Daltons carry a complete range of Agri Chemicals to meet the needs of today’s farmer. Our qualified Agri Sales Advisors can offer expert advice on the choice of herbicides, pesticides or fungicides and will also walk and inspect the crops beforehand.

Livestock Feed

At Dalton’s we have been manufacturing animal feed for many generations and supply a comprehensive range of high performance animal feed rations which have been formulated by expert farm nutritionists. We deliver cost effective feed solutions to our customers. We work with our customers to develop a ration to match their individual feed requirements.

All rations are balanced to deliver improved animal health and animal performance. We pride ourselves in using native grains (barley, wheat, and oats) and locally grown protein sources (peas, beans). We buy our grains locally from the farmer and we dry, clean, process them to produce superior feeds for you our customer.

Farmer requirements for their herd differ from farm to farm and are governed by the genetic potential of the livestock and the quality and availability of other feeds on the farm. Our team can supply a wide variety of high quality rations tailored to your particular herd requirements. Our qualified and expertly trained Farm Advisors can assist you in your specific beef herd nutrition requirements.



  • Maize Soya Hulls
  • Soya Bean Meal
  • Distillers
  • Barley
  • Wheat
  • Oats

Nuts/Ration (We can formulate rations to spec)


  • Rations
  • Nuts ranging from 14% to 18%


  • Beef 14%
  • Beef 14% + Maize meal
  • Beef 16%


  • Starter/Crunch
  • Ration


  • Ewe ration
  • Lamb Creep
  • Lamb Finisher


  • D-Horse 14%

Milk Replacers


  • Blossom
  • Heiferlac
  • Lamlac


  • Once-a-day
  • Twice a day


  • Milkivit Range